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Kuzunoha Raidou XIV is the protagonist (the strong & silent type) of Shin Megami Tensei's Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou series. He was trained at the Kuzunoha village in the art of the Devil Summoner, and undertook the trials at the Nameless Shrine in order to become the fourteenth summoner to take the title of Kuzunoha Raidou. His skills with a gun and pistol go unmatched, and he carries a set of tubes in which he can call demons to fight alongside him on the battlefield.

Raidou works part time at the Narumi Detective Agency as a cover for his true purpose, and has a pet cat partner named Gouto who guides him along the way. He does everything from Narumi's leg work to hoarding off demons, but Raidou's main duty is to protect the Capital from demons of the Dark Realm and make sure that the supernatural world doesn't interfere with the citzens' daily lives.

Kuzunoha Raidou XIV
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